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Upcoming ASIST workshops and TuneUps

Click here for all upcoming ASIST workshops.

Are you an active ASIST Trainer wanting to register for a Face-to-Face ASIST 11 Upgrader? Upcoming sessions can be found by following the link above. Change the search type to "ASIST 11 Upgrader for ASIST X Trainers 1 Day" and set the Country detail to "Australia". 

Other workshops may be planned that are not yet listed. Contact the trainer directly for other possible workshop dates. 

If your organisation has more than 14 people wanting to attend ASIST you can host your own workshop.

The ASIST workshop is a two-day skills-based workshop that equips caregivers for an effective suicide intervention role. The workshop is now available to most of Australia with registered LivingWorks trainers active in all states and territories.

As ASIST trainers work independently, please contact them direct for information on costs and registration procedures. 

For any other information phone the LivingWorks office at 1300 738 382.