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ASIST and safeTALK Trainers provide participants with their names and trainer numbers, which are searchable on this page. This indicates that your trainer has completed a standardised training course, is committed to upholding LivingWorks' standard of excellence, and is dedicated to maintaining active trainer status.

The search contains trainer ID's for all active trainers. Trainers have the option of publishing their names as well. If you cannot locate your trainer's number or name in the search, please contact our office on 1300 738 382.

If you are in distress and are searching for someone who can help you, please visit our resource page. There are crisis resources available around the world to provide guidance and support.

Note to trainers:  Your ID will show if you are active.  To share more information with the public, please login to the member area and update your information.

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Contact ID Name Email Location Telephone Qualifications
969 Murielle Doucet Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada   ASIST, safeTALK, suicide to Hope
1048 Maxine Peltier Garden Village, Ontario, Canada 705 753 1375 ASIST
1236 Marie Fennell Northside East Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada 902 371 4859 ASIST, safeTALK
1238 Val Horner Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada   ASIST
1276 Michael Ouellette Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada 709 744 2714 ASIST
1289 Susan Eastgard Seattle, Washington, USA 206 295 1038 safeTALK
1301     Warkworth, New Zealand   suicide to Hope
1348 Annmarie Nicholson Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
1424 Scott Rodda St. Albert, Alberta, Canada ASIST
1466 Keith Brumwell Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada 902 462 8484 ASIST, safeTALK
1480     Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
1486 Mike Sampson Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   ASIST
1548 Debra Croft Nar Nar Goon North, Victoria, Australia 411294320 ASIST
1552 Rob Nicholls Croydon, Victoria, Australia 0401997491 ASIST
1577 Joe Cannon Sarnia, Ontario, Canada 519 542 7751 ASIST
1617     Sarnia, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
1708     Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, Canada   ASIST
1778 Robert Baugher Des Moines Seattle, King, Washington, USA 206 592 3414 ASIST
1930 Donna Watson-Elliott Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
2027     Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia   ASIST
2046 Lindy MacGregor Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 61412700838 ASIST, safeTALK
2047 Tracy Hynes Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada   ASIST
2083     Whitless Bay, Newfoundland, Canada   ASIST
2093     Sudbury, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
2095 Alvin Gillingham Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada 709 368 4190 ASIST
2127     Tverlandet, Norway   ASIST, safeTALK, suicide to Hope
2132     Tromso, Norway   ASIST
2133 Johan Lindmark Bodalen, Norway, Norway 0047 9302152 ASIST, safeTALK
2185 Simone Dayer ASIST, safeTALK
2192 Rodney Bazinet Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 705 521 1672 ASIST

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