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ASIST and safeTALK Trainers provide participants with their names and trainer numbers, which are searchable on this page. This indicates that your trainer has completed a standardised training course, is committed to upholding LivingWorks' standard of excellence, and is dedicated to maintaining active trainer status.

The search contains trainer ID's for all active trainers. Trainers have the option of publishing their names as well. If you cannot locate your trainer's number or name in the search, please contact our office on 1300 738 382.

If you are in distress and are searching for someone who can help you, please visit our resource page. There are crisis resources available around the world to provide guidance and support.

Note to trainers:  Your ID will show if you are active.  To share more information with the public, please login to the member area and update your information.

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Contact ID Name Email Location Telephone Qualifications
41543     Ayr, South Ayrshire, Scotland   safeTALK
41545     Glasgow, Scotland   safeTALK
41546     Pontiac, Oakland, Michigan, USA   ASIST
41547     Toronto, Ontario, Canada   ASIST
41551     Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia   ASIST
41552     Derry, Derry, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41553     Belfast, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41554     Randalstown, Antrim, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41555     Carluke, South Lanarkshire, Scotland   safeTALK
41556     Rochester, Michigan, USA   ASIST
41557     Oban, Argyll, Scotland   safeTALK
41558 Farmington, Oakland, Michigan, USA 269 759 9096 ASIST
41559     Edgeworth, New South Wales, Australia   safeTALK
41560     Irvine, Scotland   safeTALK
41561     Troy, Oakland, Michigan, USA   ASIST
41562     West Bloomfield, Oakland, Michigan, USA   ASIST
41565     Barrack Street Dundee, Scotland   safeTALK
41566     Kelvin Grove, Queensland, Australia   safeTALK
41568     Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA   ASIST
41570 Jean Wallace Belfast, Down, Northern Ireland 07871033168 ASIST
41571     Belfast, Antrim, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41572     Newport, Rhode Island, USA   safeTALK
41573     Newport, Newport, Rhode Island, USA   safeTALK
41576     Lisburn, Antrim, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41577     Antrim, Antrim, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41580     Fpo, U.S. Armed Forces - Europe, USA   ASIST
41581     Newry, Down, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41582     Ballymena, Antrim, Northern Ireland   ASIST
41585     Novato, California, USA  
41586     Singleton, New South Wales, Australia   ASIST

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