Kristy Tass

Kristy Tass

Communications Specialist

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Kristy leads communications, marketing and media activities at LivingWorks Australia within our business development, operations and delivery teams.

Prior to joining LivingWorks, Kristy spent 11 years serving the mission of the Samaritans Foundation, running strategic communications and fundraising projects as well as advocacy support.

Kristy is committed in her work life and her personal life to destigmatising and humanising social issues, particularly inequality and injustice. Kristy believes communities thrive when leading their own solutions and considers a key strength of LivingWorks is its commitment to codesign, support and allyship to marginalised communities and those most impacted by suicide.

Outside of work, Kristy enjoys family time with her energetic seven-year-old daughter and her partner Nicole. She also loves cooking and sharing laughs and food with friends.