Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is now an established requirement for people in the helping professions. It is designed to improve competency and promote high standards of care. Meeting CPD requirements is part of maintaining practitioner registration in Australia.

While each of the professions has its own requirements, many will accept a range of learning activities, provided that these are relevant to the practioner’s role and can be shown to contribute to goals associated with their professional development and learning plans. In some cases, providing as well as attending workshops may contribute to meeting these requirements. The content of the program, as well the credentials of the training team or presenter, are among the important things to consider in deciding whether a particular program meets the CPD requirements of a particular practitioner.

LivingWorks programs are provided by registered LivingWorks trainers who have received formal preparation for their roles and work with standardised LivingWorks manuals and materials. A significant and growing body of research and evaluation on LivingWorks programs is available here.

Detailed information and templates available on the LivingWorks North America website may also assist in deciding whether a particular LivingWorks program meets the professional development learning goals of a particular practitioner. These templates could also be submitted as documentation in support of recognition of a particular LivingWorks program for CPD credits.  To access these resources, click here.

LivingWorks will be approaching the major professional associations in Australia during the coming year to increase their awareness of LivingWorks programs and clarify what information is needed about a program when making submissions designed to satisfy CPD requirements.